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Services - Project Planning and Management

Common Path will work with you to develop the plans and documents you need to take your project from inception through execution and evaluation. Working in collaboration with your team, we will build your project’s framework, facilitate sessions with your team to gather everyone’s input and point of view, and produce the documents you will need for project approval and management.

While many of us already use Results-Based Management (RBM) in our work, it can often be daunting, and difficult to adapt to our own contexts. Common Path can help you find ways to use RBM to both work for your own project’s success, and to successfully meet the needs of your donors.

Margot has facilitated RBM trainings, from one-on-one interaction to teams of more than a dozen people, often with people who have no experience with RBM. After these trainings, the participants have been able to identify the purpose behind RBM, explain how it relates to their own work, identify their goals and expected outcomes, and develop plans to monitor for these results.





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