About common path

Values and Principles

Our work is centred in intersectional feminist principles of inclusion, equity and justice. We believe in and exercise feminist principles of leadership, including leading with empathy and open-mindedness, identifying and challenging bias, finding means for all voices to be equally heard, and creating space for others to lead. In partnerships, we will clearly define and mutually own our goals and aspirations, and hold ourselves accountable to contribute fairly to team success.

We believe that, in order to affect transformative social change, we need to be courageously anti-sexist, anti-racist, challenge all forms of queer-phobia, and be an active ally with all who fight social, political and economic oppression in all its forms.

We acknowledge the colonial roots of the international development sector, and active pursue ways to decolonize our work. This requires ongoing introspection and a reflection on the role played by Northern organizations in the perpetuation of colonial structures and practices.

We believe in a living wage, and a balance between work and non-work life. While we absolutely understand the real world demands of dependencies and deadlines, we will work with clients and partners to negotiate project timelines that take into account the time and resources required to deliver quality work, without compromising human wellbeing.

About Common Path

Common Path’s principal consultant, Margot Stevens, PMP, has over 20 years of experience in the international development sector, with experience leading enterprise-level strategic and operational planning, business performance planning and monitoring, organizational efficiency, results-based program management, compliance reporting, monitoring and evaluation, and policy advocacy.

Margot has significant experience in the coordination and development of successful proposal bids to government and private institutional donors. When it comes to building the structures for projects to function successfully, Margot has a high level of comfort dealing with donors and project partners, and solid experience in the development of complex partnership and consortium agreements, project governance structures, and negotiating contribution agreements.

Margot also has extensive experience planning and facilitating large events, such as in-person planning workshops with large and diverse teams and stakeholders, online and hybrid lessons learned and reflection workshops, and her favourite, Open Space events which maximize the contributions of all participants. Margot’s strength lies in identifying and customizing the best process tailored to the outcomes needed by each client.

Margot has a high level of familiarity with sector standards and practices in gender transformative programming, gender equality, Rights-Based Development, Results-Based Management, youth engagement, child safeguarding and anti-racist, decolonizing approaches to development. Want to work with us? We’re always interested in collaboration – let’s have a conversation

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